Chris LeDoux was a world champion bronc rider who's name is in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. He was also a well-loved musician, producing 36 albums that sold over 6 million copies. Most importantly, he was a family man who married the love of his life Peggy, and went on to father 5 wonderful children. Chris was a man's man, a rodeo man, a singer-songwriter, and never met a person he did not like. Everyone loved Chris.

We would like to thank you for supporting the Just LeDoux It brand, and ask you to please tell someone about one of our nation's greatest cowboys. Some people deserve to have their story told again and again. We believe Chris LeDoux is one of those men.

"When she starts to twist, be more like Chris,
pull your hat down tight, and just LeDoux it."

Song lyrics from GOOD RIDE COWBOY,
written and dedicated to Chris LeDoux
by his dear friend, Garth Brooks.
Chris LeDoux playing guitar and ride a bull